1. All children ages 8 up to 14 years olds can participate in “Kids Adventure Camp” with parental consent. Participants must be healthy in relatively good physical condition, willing to co-operate with other participating children, as well as following the instructions of the Camp leader and each of the different sport instructors. If your child faces a health issue or any other issue, we will be happy to discuss it with you and decide together whether they would benefit from participating in the camp. Outdoor activities are fun but incorporate some risks that are minimized by expert trainers for each activity, by strict adherence to safety regulations and the use of specialized equipment for each activity. The risk of injury is always a possibility in outdoor activities and as parents you must make sure that you are aware and accept this risk. Participants must follow the instructions of the camp trainers in regard to camp schedule and for each different activity. In the case where a participant refuses to follow instructions of camp trainers, the Camp Leader reserves the right to dismiss the child. One Step Further as “Kids Adventure Camp” organizer in order to maximize the level of safety co-operates only with qualified, experienced camp escorts and activity trainers and uses only specialized, certified and appropriate equipment for each activity and our liability is restricted to this. 
  2. To reserve your space please register online or return signed participation form with payment. Registrations are accepted on a first come, first served basis and only paid registrations are confirmed. Sold out periods will be announced.
  3. Cancellation policy:
    a. In the case of cancellation up to 20 days before camp start date, 40% will be charged.
    b. In the case of cancellation up to 15 days before camp start date, 65% will be charged.
    c. In the case of cancellation up to 10 days before camp start date, 80% will be charged.
    d. In the case of no show full amount will be charged.
    e. In the case of participant’s departure from camp due to personal reasons or due to non-compliance to regulations no refund will be made.
    f. Refunds for registration to shorter camp periods will be made accordingly based on above percentages.
    g. In the case that your camp is cancelled due to government decree, a full refund will be made minus €20 for administrative fees
  1. One Step Further reserves the right to modify the camp schedule for safety reasons (i.e. bad weather conditions, natural disaster, strikes, and level of participants) and is obligated to propose an alternative schedule.
  2. The Camp leader and activity trainers of One Step Further reserve the right to not allow one of the children to participate in one or more activities, if with their behavior, they jeopardize their own safety or the safety of other children. This does not create cause for compensation.
  3. Every change of schedule by participants (i.e. camping period) is considered a cancellation and complies with rules in Paragraph 3.
  4. Activities organized by One Step Further are covered by accident insurance. The insurance contract is available on request to any interested party and could be sent out if requested. Loss or wear to personal belongings (equipment or clothing) is not covered by insurance. Any damage caused to camp area and venue or camp equipment, will be the responsibility of the child that caused it.
  5. Participants will be transported from and to Nicosia and Limassol with private bus or other passenger vehicle. If someone misses the group departure as outlined in the schedule, they must arrange their own transport to the camp, assuming any expenses.
  6. No mobile phones are allowed at camp. The children will call you once on Monday afternoon. If requested, they are allowed a second phone call during the week (only for 6-day camps). If you need to urgently contact your child, you must call the camp leader. Contact phone numbers will be provided. Too frequent contact with your child is not necessary and intervenes with your child’s adjustment to life at the camp.
  7. No visits are allowed to the camp by parents, relatives or friends during the camp period. 
  8. Participants are not allowed to bring any food to the camp (sweets, biscuits, etc.).
  9. Participants might appear in photos from the camp on our website or in promotional material in group photos (in a way that respects each child and the focus is not on one child).
  10. Detailed participants’ info sheet and Covid 19 protocol will be provided to all registered participants. 
  11. A negative rapid test or PCR test valid 72 hours before your camp will be required by all participating staff and children.