Excursion description

Come and discover one of the most wonderful areas of Greece with the most striking natural beauty, a place where you can experience great history and tradition. “Zagorochoria” refers to 46 villages that are interconnected by mountain roads, where each visitor can explore and discover his own favorite. One can enjoy peace and quiet, or extreme sports, breathtaking views and villages literally located in the wild forests. Imposing mountain peaks, crystal clear rivers, like Voidomatis river and alpine lakes, such as Drakolimni.

At Zagorochoria you will admire the traditional architecture characterized by the main materials used to build houses: stone and wood. The same materials are still used today (most of the villages at Zagori are characterized as traditional housing estates, according to a specific Zagori decree). 

We have planned a series of activities for this visit, in order to enjoy every minute. Anyone in good physical condition can participate. Children at least 12 years old can participate if accompanied by their parent or guardian. Participation in a segment/ part of the excursion is not possible.

Of course, any visit to Zagori is a culinary experience as well! Here you will have the chance to taste the authentic food and drinks of the area. Traditional recipes ranging from popular pies, delicious sweets, fresh local meat, pure red wine produced in the area and the very famous “tsipouro”!

Adventure excursion schedule:

Day one: Arrival at Zagorochoria

Meeting at the beautiful village of Monodendri in the afternoon, check-in at your selected  traditional guest house and welcome dinner at a tavern in the area. Monodendri, built at an altitude of 1060 meters is situated in the heart of Central Zagori and is located 41 kilometers from the city of Ioannina. 

Day two: Crossing the renowned Vikos Gorge

Vikos Gorge is one of the most popular attractions in Zagori and a natural wonder! This is one of the biggest, deepest and most impressive gorges of the world, with abrupt altitudinal changes, steep slopes and the most rare and beautiful flora and fauna. It varies in altitude between 550 and 1779m. It stretches for about 24km in length, with approximately 900m in depth. The Vikos Gorge is listed by the Guiness Book of Records as the deepest canyon in the world in proportion to its width: 1100m at its narrowest part, with a depth of over 900m. Voidomatis river rises in the gorge, near Vikos village.

The team will cross the gorge through a very well marked hiking trail, starting from Monodentri village towards Vikos village. The hike lasts for about 6 hours and the view is simply breathtaking!
At the end of the route, we will enjoy traditional meze at a village in the area.

Day three: Rafting at Voidomatis river

Descending a river with an inflatable boat is what we call “rafting”. The crew of each boat is guided by a professional river guide. The numbers of rowers on each boat depends on the size of the boat, that is determined by the degree of difficulty of each river and its water level. Experienced and trained escorts will guide us and be responsible for everyone’s safety on the boat. The difficulty is grade 1-2 which means the waters are just right for someone who is trying the sport for the very first time but also challenging enough for someone who tried rafting in the past. Everyone can participate and have fun!
After rafting, rest time is due to spend as you like. In the evening we will have dinner at a traditional restaurant in a nearby village.

Day four: Hike to the famous Drakolimni through Astraka refuge

We will take a 3-hour hiking route. The route starts from the square outside Mikro Papingo village, then we will go through the village and hike up to the Astraka refuge passing gradually by the four springs: Avragonios which is just outside the village, Andalki whose waters, as local legend holds, rises from Provatina’s gulch, Trafos just before the crossing for Astraka and finally, Krouna just before the final uphill hike to the recently renovated Astraka refuge. The refuge is situated at an altitude of 1,930 meters at the shoulder formed by Astraka and Lapatos peaks. Another approximately 90 minutes of hiking and we will see the famous Drakolimni from a distance. From the refuge we hike down towards Xeroloutsa. Once we cross it and pass a spring, the route becomes uphill. After hiking northwest on a smooth ridge we finally reach Drakolimni, situated on the saddle between Ploskos and the Ploskos peak. From here the view of Gamila and Aoos valley is breathtaking!

The famous Drakolimni of Tymfis is a small alpine lake situated at an altitude of 2100 meters and was created 10,000 years ago by the last glaciers that formed the landscape as it is today. In the mountain area of North Pindos there are a number of “dragon lakes” named in Greek mythology as the home of dragons. Drakolimni is situated in an area of rare natural beauty with outstanding panoramic views of surrounding peaks, creating the illusion of a unique pool on a roof that touches the sky. Its waters are home to alpine newts, a rare species of amphibious lizards. Although its depth has been exaggerated, actual measuring has proved that it’s no more than 3 meters deep.

Day five: Walking at "Skala Vradetou" and Departure

We will hike from Kapesovo towards Vradeto village, through an impressive stone stairway. Until 1973, this was the only route that connected Vradeto village to the outside world!
We will then continue towards Beloi, where we will rest at a natural viewing platform, the best viewpoint in Zagori.
After we all prepare for departure and check out , we meet and say our goodbyes in the village square or a central guesthouse.

Recommended gear:

All participants should have their own personal clothing and equipment for hiking. Rafting equipment will be given to you on the spot and is included in the price.

A complete and analytical equipment list stating all the details, as well as a discount voucher from Get Out Outdoor Store will be sent right after the participation confirmation.

How to reserve

If you wish to join the team, book your trip today or contact us for more details.

Next scheduled trip:

Trip Duration:

4 nights/ 5 days


Price includes:

  • One Step Further guides and activity instructors
  • Transport from your guesthouse to and from activity points
  • Planning – Execution – Supervision
  • Dinner in traditional taverns as mentioned in the program
  • Personal equipment list and assistance for purchase and use
  • Equipment for rafting

Price does not include:

  • Airfare tickets & transport from and to airports
  • Personal hiking equipment
  • Medical examination before departure
  • Travel Insurance
  • Rescue costs
  • Personal expenses (drinks, meals not mentioned etc.)