Zagori – Vikos gorge

Hike across the magical Vikos Gorge, ascend to the imposing Astraka peak,
experience rafting at the Voidomatis river, wander through the magnificent
picturesque Zagorochoria and climb on the imposing historical Meteora stones.

Zagori – Vikos gorge

Hike across the magical Vikos Gorge, ascend to the imposing Astraka peak,
experience rafting at the Voidomatis river, wander through the magnificent
picturesque Zagorochoria and climb on the imposing historical Meteora stones.

Excursion description

Come and meet one of the most wonderful areas of Greece with the most striking natural beauty, a place where you can experience great history and tradition. “Zagorochoria” refers to 46 villages that are interconnected by mountain roads, where each visitor can explore and discover his own favorite. One can enjoy peace and quiet, or extreme sports, breathtaking views and villages literally located in the wild forests. Imposing mountain peaks, crystal clear rivers, like Voidomatis river and alpine lakes, such as Drakolimni.

At Zagorochoria you will admire the traditional architecture characterized by the main materials used to build houses: stone and wood. The same materials are still used today (most of the villages at Zagori are characterized as traditional housing estates, according to a specific Zagori decree). The hostels where we will stay are examples of this architecture and they offer an authentic experience, while providing all necessary comforts.

Adventure excursion schedule

Day one: Arrival at Zagorochoria

Arrival at Macedonia Airport in Thessaloniki and transfer to Monodentri, located in the heart of Zagori. Dinner at the guest house.

Day two: Crossing the renown Vikos Gorge

Vikos Gorge is one of the most popular sights in Zagori and a natural wonder! This is one of the biggest, deepest and most impressive gorges of the world, with abrupt altitudinal changes, steep slopes and the most rare and beautiful flora and fauna. It varies in altitude between 550 and 1779m. It stretches for about 24km in length, with approximately 900m in depth.

The Vikos Gorge is listed by the Guiness Book of Records as the deepest canyon in the world in proportion to its width: 1100m at its narrowest part, with a depth of over 900m. Voidomatis river rises in the gorge, near Vikos village.

The team will cross the gorge through a very well marked hiking trail, starting from Monodentri village, towards Vikos village. The hike lasts for about 6 hours and the view is simply breathtaking!
In the evening, we will enjoy our dinner at a traditional restaurant in Elati.

Day three: "Skala Vradetos" (impressive stone hiking trail) - Vradeto

We will hike from Kapesovo towards Vradeto village, through an impressive stone trail. Until 1973, this was the only route that connected Vradeto village to the outside world!
We will then continue towards Beloi, where we will rest at a natural viewing platform, the best viewpoint in Zagori.

We will hike back down the Vradeto stone staircase and rest while enjoying our lunch at a traditional tavern in nearby Koukouli village.

Day four: Rafting at Voidomatis river, walk

Descending a river with an inflatable boat is what we call “rafting”. Experienced and trained escorts will guide us and be responsible for everyone’s safety on the boat. The waters are not wild; rather, they are just right for someone who is trying the sport for the very first time. Everyone can participate and have fun!
After rafting, we rest at the guest house. In the evening we will have dinner at a traditional restaurant in a nearby village.

Day five: Destination: Meteora!

Just when you thought that you have seen everything and you feel totally satisfied, we are off to Meteora! The “Meteora” is one of the largest and most important complexes of Eastern Orthodox Monasteries in Greece, built on extremely high natural sandstone rock pillars. Visitors from all over the world travel simply to witness this natural wonder, to see these magnificent rocks “standing” proudly, reaching up to the Greek sky!
Very few have the opportunity to climb these sacred stones and you maybe one of them! Are you in? You don’t need any previous experience, since you will have experienced guides at your side, every minute!
After we settle at our guest house in Kastraki, we will anjoy a short hike to Ayios Stefanos Monastery and a visit to the monastery. Free evening.

Day six: Climbing

Today we climb! We will spend our day at the climbing sector with experienced instructors. Beginners can try out this unique experience and more experienced climbers can have a go at some beautiful multi-pitch routes. In the evening, we will have a last tradiotional dinner at a nearby tavern.

Day seven: Climbing

After breakfast we depart for Thessaloniki, where we can enjoy our day with no commitments, until departure time. Departure for Larnaka in the evening.

Recommended gear:

Participants must have their own personal gear, apparel and winter mountaineering stiff boots.

Ice axe, crampons, helmet, skis & ski boots can be rented.

A complete and analytical equipment list stating all the details, as well as a discount voucher from Get Out Outdoor Store will be sent right after the participation confirmation.

How to reserve

If you wish to join the team, book your trip today or contact us for more details.

Next scheduled excursion:

Available on request

Excursion Duration:

6 nights/ 7 days

Price includes:

  • Proposal for physical preparation program if necessary
  • One instructive hikee before departure (for residents of Cyprus)
  • One Step Further guides and activity instructors
  • Designing – Planning – Execution – Supervision
  • Inland transports via bus
  • Overnight stay with breakfast in traditional guest houses and dinner in traditional taverns as mentioned in the program
  • Personal equipment list and assistance for purchase and use
  • Equipment for rafting

Price does not include:

  • Airfare tickets
  • Personal hiking equipment
  • Medical examination before departure
  • Travel Insurance
  • Rescue costs
  • Personal expenses (drinks, etc.)