Equipment for the Adventurous Journey & Value Pack

Dear participants and parents,

I hope you are well. In Spring, two Bronze Adventurous Journeys (AJ) will take place, a Practice and a Qualifying Journey. Participants will walk in a mountainous area with their team using a map and compass and carrying all their equipment with them. They will cook their food, set up their tents and will make the necessary decisions to achieve their goal. Participants must be properly equipped for all weather conditions so that their AJ will be enjoyable and safe. For the next three and a half years, at least six AJs will happen, two for Bronze, two for Silver and two for Gold (total 16 days and 10 nights).

Participants have been informed regarding recommended personal and group equipment and their specifications during their training. Here is an overview of what they will need:

Clothing & personal KIT: Taking into consideration the recommended specifications of the products, the cost, the limited available time of parents and in order to avoid purchase of products that don’t meet the required specifications, we offer you the opportunity to pre-order a VALUE PACK (VP) that includes all products that are extremely important for the safety of participants and their teams (marked with VP in the Equipment Kit List for the AJ) at an incredibly low wholesale price.  

Value Pack is available only for pre-orders before the deadline, Sunday 20th of December 2020 because these items are not in stock and we will order them especially for our participants to be able to offer this very special price.

To view and pre-order the Value Pack CLICK HERE

Those participants that have part of the required equipment marked with VP must bring their gear for inspection at least two weeks before their AJ as these particular items affect the safety of participants and their teams. All participants regardless of whether they pre-order the VP or not, can get their gear with 15% discount from GET OUT outdoor store that stocks all recommended kit. The discount can also be used by the whole family! When you visit Get Out please mention your name at the desk. If you prefer to buy online you can use coupon code AWARD15 during check out.

Group KIT: Please note that we will provide participants with the required quality tents and rucksacks without additional charges. Participants have to buy the following Group equipment from us because they should use these specific mentioned models for safety reasons as training was done with these. 

  1. One Primus Essential cooking set system with a compatible gas canister per team.
  2. Two Silva Ranger compasses for navigation per team. 

Expenses of the above will be shared. The additional cost will be €17 per person (no matter how many members in a team so that will be fair for everybody) and can be paid upon receipt of these items by the team leader of each team.

To download and print the Equipment Kit List CLICK HERE.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

For more details / clarifications please contact me personally at and/or 99359214.


Marios Hadjipetris 

Award Coordinator