Information for participants & Equipment list

Little Kids Adventure Camp: 28/6-1/7/23



Departure           Tuesday 28/6 at 7:30 a.m.
Return                Friday 1/7 at 4:30 p.m.

Location: GSP stadium West entrance parking lot next to kiosk 

Please see location link:


Departure           Tuesday 28/6 at 9:00 a.m.
Return                Friday 1/7 at 3:00 p.m.

Location: Tsirion Stadium parking lot / Southwest entrance. 

Please see location link:


Our bus will have a clear sign indicating Kids Adventure Camp. Our Camp Leaders will be there to greet and escort your children on the bus. 


Bus boarding check:

  • 24-hour negative rapid test or PCR test 
  • Temperature check
  • Luggage check (right size & type)

General information

Life at camp will be simple and we will learn how to live and spend our days in a calm and peaceful environment using only necessities in the heart of the forest.

Please ask your children to prepare their own bag with your help, but please don’t prepare it for them. This way they will know exactly what they have with them, they will easily locate what they need and learn to take care of their own belongings. The recommended equipment (on the back) is necessary for the camp. This does not mean that you must buy the specific items we propose. You can use what you have at home that fits the description. If you are not sure about something you have at home, please ask us. 

Equipment purchase

You can purchase the required equipment at our own store Get Out outdoor store.  We carry all the equipment and everything one needs for adventure and outdoor sports and we offer 20% discount for your purchases. Free next day delivery all over Cyprus. Please call Alexandros the store manager on 22311012 for anything you might need. 

You can shop at GET OUT in Nicosia or online on You can see items suggested for Kids Adventure Camp by clicking on Shop for Kids Adventure Camp.   

Coupon code for online purchases: CAMP20OFF

* Valid on all items, excluding sale items.

Camp Equipment list:

    • Duffle bag 50 Litres max:  Duffle bags are soft yet durable, can fit in a lot of things, and can be easily stored in the tent without taking up a lot of space. They are very convenient with a big opening to facilitate easily locating things. One bag per child. Please check the dimensions to be no more than 60cm X 35cm X 25cm height. Only soft duffle bags with no wheels, no bulky travel luggage please. It should fit everything except the sleeping bag (compact sleeping bags fit as well) and sleeping mat (those can be carried in a big nylon bag that can be folded and saved). In case your luggage doesn’t fit the above mentioned dimensions you will be asked to buy a duffle bag from us on the spot and fit your things inside. 
  • Hiking backpack 20L: Fits on the shoulders with two slings and ties around the waist. Preferably with anatomic back support system to provide a pleasant hiking experience. Any comfortable backpack from home will do. 
    • Sleeping bag: Summer light sleeping bag. Quality sleeping bags don’t cause allergic skin reactions while allowing the skin to breathe when sleeping. 
  • Foam sleeping mat (or self-inflatable sleeping mat): The mat must be a camping mat and not an exercise mat. The quality of the mat reflects quality of sleep. Please check that the dimensions of your child’s sleeping mat are not more than 185cm length X 060cm width X3cm height. (We need a proper camping mat, not those inflatable beds that are to be inflated with a pump)
    • Sheet (or liner): Used in case the child gets too hot in the sleeping bag or for afternoon nap or rest. 
    • One bath towel & one face towel. You can get a specialized super absorbent light towel, but children can bring any towel from home.  
    • Sport trainers, preferably with rugged sole.
    • Slippers or flip flops for the shower and swimming pool
    • 3 pairs of shorts, preferably synthetic material 
    • 1 pair of long pants, light summer pants preferably synthetic material
    • 4 short sleeve t-shirts (preferably synthetic that allow moisture to escape) 
  • Fleece jacket or other warm long-sleeve jacket or jumper for the evening (not bulky/ compact when packed)
  • 5 pairs of underwear
    • 4 pairs of sport socks or synthetic hiking/outdoor socks
  • Pyjamas (only 1 pair please) – most children prefer long bottoms.
  • Swimsuit (and swim goggles optional)
  • Sun hat or Cap or BUFF® multi-functional headwear 
    • Protective sunglasses, preferably sport sunglasses.
    • Water bottle, shock-resistant (better transparent so they can see how much they have)
    • Headlamp, small and light for night hike and evening camp life. 
  • Personal hygiene products: toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo & shower gel.
  • Sun protection cream / protective lip balm/ personal small antiseptic (with aloe vera) 
  • Anti-mosquito lotion, preferably odorless and made with natural ingredients. 
  • Money allowance (€5 preferably coins) 
  • Cloth mask or single use mask to be used only on the bus if required by government decree  


  • Camera and/or video camera to capture all the fun and to participate in photo contest (preferably inexpensive models)
  • Musical instrument
  • 1 book
  • 1 board game or activity pack 

Not allowed at camp

  • Electronic games
  • Food (sweets, biscuits, chips, etc.)
  • Mobile phones
  • Items not on the list

Contact during camp

Campers will call you once on Wednesday afternoon. If you need to urgently contact your child, you must call the Camp Leader. Too frequent contact with your child is not necessary and intervenes with your child’s adjustment to life at the camp. Please only call Marios in case of an emergency. HE WILL call you if your child is having a real problem or to clarify something if necessary.

Contact number before Camp: 22254612 & 99441585 (Louisa)
Contact number during Camp: 99359214 (Marios -Camp Leader) (send SMS please if not urgent)

Emotional support

Most of the children are going to camp for the first time. Remember: they are old enough to be doing this.  And they are ready, but they also need your support. We need two things from you: your trust in us as educators and your support and encouragement to your child. Your camper will call you on Tuesday afternoon. Please note that especially children who are going for the first time have mixed emotions on the first day(s) and might get emotional when they call you. Marios and the team are there for them to guide them and help them with love and respect, each and every one of them individually. If you are tough for them too, you will get them back stronger and tougher Please only call Marios in case of an emergency. He WILL call you if your child is having a real problem or to clarify something if necessary. Please remember no news is good news. You can also text or call me (Louisa) if you have any concerns during camp. 

We remain at your disposal for any assistance you might need or any questions. Our team is looking forward to welcoming you for an unforgettable adventure!