Course Description

Escape from everyday routine, get away from the ordinary and join us to experience this exciting activity that is loved by children and adults. Anyone in relatively good physical condition can participate in the course. No prior experience or special skills are required. The course aims to introduce participants to the magical world of climbing and provide them with theoretical and practical knowledge that is necessary in order to be able, after completion of the course to enjoy their favourite activity in maximum safety conditions without supervision by an instructor.

The course mainly takes place in the Diarizos climbing site (Kourtellorotsos) and Inia climbing site (Gerakopetra), in the Pafos district.

Time and place of theoretical and practical lessons may be changed at any time before or during the course for various reasons (I.e. weather, climbing ability of participants, number of participants etc.)

Next scheduled course:

12 May Informative meeting at Get Out

19:00-20:00 Optional informative meeting and trial at the indoor wall of Cyprus Climbing Academy, Nicosia

23-24 May at Kourtelorotsos

10:00-16:00 Kourtelorotsos climbing site, Dhiarizos river, Pafos district: practice & theory

30-31 May at Dhiarizos river

10:00-16:00 Kourtelorotsos climbing site, Dhiarizos river, Pafos district: practice & theory

6-7 June at Gerakopetra

10:00-16:00 Gerakopetra climbing site, Inia, Pafos district: practice & theory

In addition to the three outdoor weekends all participants can train for free during the course every Tuesday and Thursday at Cyprus Climbing Academy in Nicosia from 6:30pm until 7:30pm.

Practical lessons that will be taught:

  • Preparation and warm up for climbing
  • Basic climbing techniques
  • Rope handling, knots & equipment use
  • Belaying techniques with various belay devices
  • Top rope climbing and belaying
  • Lead climbing and belaying
  • Climbing as second and belaying the second from a belay point
  • Abseiling (Rappeling)
  • Single-pitch and multi-pitch climbing
  • Creating a belay point and safe retreat
  • Safe falling

Theoretical lessons that will be taught:

  • Concept, philosophy and evolution of mountaineering and rock climbing
  • History of climbing in the various parts of the world
  • Introduction to free rock climbing
  • The role of physical condition in climbing performance
  • The role of mental training in climbing performance
  • Getting acquainted with climbing equipment & clothing
  • Selection, use and maintenance of climbing equipment
  • Communication code between climbing partners
  • Basic nutrition guidelines for people who exercise
  • Basic principles of First Aid
  • Possible hazards in climbing areas and how to face them
  • Complete climbing procedure
  • Mountaineering ethics and environmental behavior
  • Climbing. Just a sport or a way of life?

How to reserve

If you wish to reserve your space, book now or contact us for more details.

One Day rock climbing

May 2020

Partial Course:

1 day


Weekend rock climbing

May 2020

Partial Course:

1 weekend


Full course

May 2020

Course Duration:

3 weekends


Included in the price:

  • Tuition fees
  • The use of climbing equipment except climbing shoes
  • Free use of indoor climbing wall during the course

Not included:

  • Transportation costs to and from the climbing sites
  • Accommodation & food expenses