Our Wall

A rock climbing wall is an artificial structure comprised of shaped climbing holds that are attached to the surface both randomly and in specific routes that can be climbed. We have created a quality indoor climbing wall according to the EN 12572-1:2007 standard, in association with leading manufacturer of climbing walls Walltopia.

Indoor climbing is a fun and safe sport for all ages. Climbing facilities provide a controlled, supervised environment where novice through professional climbers can exercise in an enjoyable way. Weekly climbing lessons are offered for children, beginners and advanced climbers. Come and see why indoor climbing in one of the fastest growing sports worldwide!

Learn the basics of climbing and try out this exciting sport with the guidance of our climbing instructors, graduates of Physical Education and Sport and you’ll definitely want to continue out on the rock!

Climbing for Groups and Companies

Group introduction to climbing for groups up to 20 persons. First contact with climbing and trial under the supervision of qualified instructor. Ideal for companies, organizations and groups with common objectives or for acquaintance and quick, out-of-the-office bonding!

Events and birthday parties

Introduction to climbing for groups of children, and teenagers up to a maximum of 20 persons per group. First contact with climbing and trial under the supervision of a qualified instructor. Ideal for birthday parties, scout groups, corporate events for children of staff or for groups of children with specific objectives (i.e. juvenile delinquency problems).

Academy Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
9:30-18:30 Open for climbers** 9:30-15:30 Open for climbers** 9:30-13:30 Open for climbers**

9:30-15:30 Open for climbers**

9:30-18:30 Open for climbers** 9:30-13:30 Open for climbers**
Closed Closed
16:00-16:45 7-8 years 16:00-16:45 7-8 years
16:45-17:30 9-10 years 16:45-17:30 9-10 years
17:30 - 18:30 11-13 years 17:30 - 18:30 11-13 years
Closed 18:30 - 20:00 14+ years and adults 18:30 - 20:00 14+ years and adults Closed


Lessons for adults

(charge per person)

  • Introduction to climbing technique, personal lesson €40
  • Introduction to climbing technique for two persons €30
  • Top rope climbing and belaying, personal lesson €60
  • Top rope climbing and belaying for two persons €45
  • Personal coaching for climbers/ members €20

Lessons for children 7-14 yo

Prices for climbers/ members

Choose what suits you based on the frequency of your workouts


(better for committed climbers that will train consistently at least three times per week)

  • 1 month subscription €60
  • 4 months subscription €180 (1 month free)


(better for climbers with unstable schedule)

Number of visitsFee

Prices for groups

Available on request

15 + 5 =

Rules and regulations for members

  • All climbers must call and inform about their training on 22311012 at least half an hour before their arrival.
  • The price list applies only for climbers who can train unsupervised. Beginners must attend a supervised class with an instructor at predetermined dates and times. Ask for the schedule at reception.
  • Climb at your own risk.  Minors under 18 must be accompanied by their parents or guardians on their first time.
  • Lessons and instructions are given only by the Get Out Rock Wall instructor.   
  • Don’t pass over other climbers while traversing and don’t let others pass over you when they are traversing.
  • If you are climbing with ropes, stay on your route and don’t cross into other routes.
  • Spot at your own risk and only if you want to.  Before topping out make sure that someone is spotting you.
  • Bouldering while wearing a harness is not allowed.
  • Keep your tone of voice as low as possible. No swearing or political discussions!
  • No i-pods, headphones, individual stereos allowed.
  • Climbing is allowed only with the use of specialized climbing shoes.
  • One bottle of water is allowed inside. No soft drinks, food, alcoholic drinks, drugs, smoking or bubble gum.
  • Management cannot be held responsible for lost objects.
  • Don’t park in the store parking area.
  • Don’t step on the ropes.
  • Hold a route for a reasonable time period.  When you are not climbing, take your break in the hallway outside.
  • Enter the climbing area wearing your climbing shoes. Don’t step on the mattress barefoot or wearing your regular shoes. 
  • Leave your personal belongings on the staircase (temporarily). You can use the changing room to change.
  • Don’t climb wearing your watch, jewelers or bracelets.
  • Use only specialized climbing equipment and only liquid chalk. (Let it dry before grabbing the holds).
  • Visits are prepaid, valid for an unlimited time period and personal (cannot be transferred to another climber).