Rock climbing is an exciting activity, loved by children and adults. It’s a great form of exercise for the body and the mind, as it cultivates concentration, determination, balance, flexibility and physical strength. It offers multiple benefits by stimulating the senses in a way that is unique and different than any other sport. It is popular in all countries that have natural rocks. In recent years it has gained increased popularity and sport climbing is one of the sports being considered to enter the Olympic Games of 2020.

“Climbing is fun, joy, energy, health, life. But above all, it’s everything that you will feel for the first time in your life and, who knows…maybe in the future too.”
Marios Hadjipetris, Climbing Instructor

Climbing courses by One Step Further have been running since 2003 and are carefully designed in order to combine learning with having fun through revolutionary teaching methods. Two courses are offered every year, one for beginners and one for mid-level climbers who wish to learn more and take climbing to the next level. Choose the course that is more suitable to your needs and experience.