About us

One Step Further is a specialized outdoor activities company, dedicated to creating unforgettable experiences in Cyprus and abroad.
In these times where everyday stress and city life pace dominate our lives, nature escapes and outdoor excursions are the best remedy for relaxation, rejuvenation and adventure!
One Step Further’s team of professionals has led the evolution and development of outdoor and adventure sports in Cyprus, the formation of an environmentally friendly attitude among Cypriots and the safe growth of rock climbing and mountaineering in Cyprus.
We organize exciting outdoor events for companies and groups, based on the specific needs of each client. Through adventure games and team building activities your team learns, bonds and builds team spirit and morale, in the best possible way: by living it! It’s the only true way to learn! Even more so, when the experience takes place in beautiful, relaxing surroundings. We have hosted outdoor events for teams, from as little as 5 to as many as 250 participants, in beautiful nature havens all over Cyprus and abroad.

Our team

Marios Hadjipetris

Managing Director

Marios Hadjipetris is the founder and Managing Director of One Step Further Ltd. Marios holds a BSc in Physical Education and Sports from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki with a specialty in Outdoor Sport and Recreational Activities. He is a Mountain Leader Award Holder and a Rock Climbing Instructor of the Mountain Training of England, a Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Leader, Supervisor & Assessor and Trainer for Trainers.
He puts his knowledge and experience, as well as his innate leadership skills to action to change the lives of children and adults, by helping them discover the therapeutic benefits of being close to nature and enjoying outdoor activities.
He is a passionate mountaineer and rock climber and has participated and led several mountain ascents in many countries, including Mount Olympus in Greece (2918m), Mount Elbrus in Russia (5642m), Mount Kenya (Pt. Lenana 4985m) and Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa (5895m). He climbed in many countries including Cyprus (at most climbing sectors where he has bolted many new climbing routes), Greece (Varasova, Tempi, Meteora, Kalymnos and Kyparissi), United Kingdom (Gogarth, Llanberis Pass and Tremadog in North Wales and Stanage and Peak District in England), Germany (Lofer) and Italy (Bolzano).
He is an enthusiastic mountain runner and ultra-marathoner. He crossed the finish line of Athens Classic Marathon and many ultra-mountain marathons like the Buff Epic Ultra Trail 67km in Spain and the Zagori TERA 80km as well as the Olympus Mountain Marathon in Greece. He enjoys all outdoor activities, such as mountain biking, snowboarding, orienteering, sailing, diving and many more but above all he enjoys camping with his family and friends.


Louisa Kyriakides

Marketing Director

Louisa holds a B.Sc. degree in Marketing from Ithaca College in New York. After a successful career in advertising in New York and Cyprus, she joined One Step Further about 10 years ago and she is responsible for organizing and executing many of our team’s programs, as well as organizing and logistics of Kids Adventure Camp every year. He main duties include all marketing and client coordination activities.
Louisa is a Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Award Leader, an avid rock climber and enjoys outdoor explorations and trips with her family in her free time. She has completed several adventure trips, her highest peak reached was Pt. Lenana on Mount Kenya.


Ivan Sorkin

International Award leader / Survival Specialist

With a passion for outdoor adventure, Ivan Sorkin brings his experience, talent and immense knowledge of survival techniques to our tour team. For many years, he’s enjoyed and honed advanced expertise as a hiker, mountaineer and rock climber. Sorkin seeks to constantly challenge himself in new ways and loves helping others discover their own aptitude through these sports. Sorkin possesses sophisticated survivalist skills and is considered to have expert knowledge in 72-hour survival and advanced knowledge in 168-hour survival. Ivan Sorkin has climbed some of the world’s most famous mountains. One of his accomplishments include a successful assent to Mt. Olympus’s Mitikas Peak in 2013, 2018 and reaching Mt. Kilimanjaro’s Uhuru Peak in July 2012. Working knowledge of various languages makes Sorkin an excellent communicator and had successfully completed International  Duke of Edinbough’s Award leader programm. When he’s not ascending world-famous mountains, hiking, climbing, rafting or canoeing, Ivan Sorkin works as an IT Project Manager, delivering high quality IT projects.


Dimos Prantsidis

Kids Adventure Camp Co-Leader

Dimos Prantsidis is a Physical Education and Sports Ph.D. holder. Dimos has a wealth of experience in teaching children and young people in outdoor sports. He works as a ski instructor, climbing coach and camp leader in Greece, where he lives. He is acclaimed as a traditional Greek dance instructor, teaching students as well as teachers all over Greece and abroad. He has organized and participated in Greek dance seminars and performances in Greece and all over the world. He is also an avid mountaineer and father to two adorable daughters.