Adventure trip in Karpenisi

Hike across the magical Vikos Gorge, experience rafting at the Voidomatis river, wander through the magnificent picturesque Zagorochoria and climb Meteora! Are you in?

Many people call Evrytania “the Switzerland of Greece”. It has rightfully earned this title, as the alpine scenery with the imposing mountain tops in Agrafa, the impressive gorges, the serene Kremaston lake, the three rivers with their crystal-blue waters and the numerous stone-built villages paint the perfect authentic rural scenery. The impressively green Karpenisi village is built on a 960m altitude.


In Karpenisi you can admire the emerald-green forests along with the small, well hidden villages scattered around the mountains. The green palette of the area combined with the deep blue of the sky create a perfectly relaxing picture. The traditional guest houses are carefully built in harmony with nature, offering an extraordinary experience to the visitor.

Numerous outdoor activities can be enjoyed in the area’s rich nature. The program that we have designed takes full advantage of our stay in Karpenisi, with activities that anyone with a basic fitness can participate in. Children over the age of 10 can participate as well, only if accompanied by their parents.

It is not possible to participate in part of the trip.

The experience would have been incomplete without tasting authentic local cuisine and drinks. Traditional dishes are delicious! You can try katiki (white cheese), galaktompoureko (traditional desert), home made sweet treats served with yoghurt and fresh meat from the area. Don’t forget to taste local red wine, as well as a glass of tsipouro (traditional alcoholic drink).

Adventure trip schedule:

Day 1: Arrival at Karpenisi

Arrival at “Eleftherios Venizelos” airport and transportation to a beautiful village near Karpenisi, in Evrytania province. Free evening.

Day 2: Hiking and Via Ferrata at Black Cave gorge.

We hike until we reach the Black Cave and then leave the trail to follow a path that was created through the gorge, designed and bolted on the rock (via ferrata). The route goes up and over vertical rocks which rise beside stunning waterfalls. Just the feeling itself inside the cave and waterfalls is a thrill to remember! Our experienced instructors will constantly guide you, to make sure that you’ll have a memorable day. After we finish the Via ferrata, we continue hiking towards the gorge’s exit, following a route through the forest with a great view of the mountain’s breathtaking ridges. In the evening we dine in a close-by village’s traditional tavern.

Day 3: Kayak in Kremaston lake.

We’ll discover the hidden beauty of Kremaston lake with double-seat canoe-kayak. Anyone bold enough can dive in too!

Day 4: Chelidona ascent

Hiking starts from old “Small Village”, following the woodland road which goes through the village remains where it was originally situated before 1963 when the biggest part was destroyed by a landslide. We continue our ascent under the cool shade of the fir trees in a path that passes by Potistis spring and goes on uphill, leading towards the alpine zone and later the peak. The view from the top is magical!

Day 5: Rafting in Tavropos lake

A pure-fun rafting descent with a dose of excitement in every turn. Just before the finish we’ll leave the boats and take a walk to the impressive waterfall of
The rafting descent takes place in the part of the river from Grevenitis bridge to Parkiou base. The route goes along the stone bridge of Viviani and is approximately 10 km long. (Difficulty level 2).

Day 6: Canyoning at Vothona or Viviani gorge

Just when you thought you did and saw everything...we go for canyoning!

Are you ready? 
An exciting experience where we will be descending with ropes (abseiling) inside the gorge’s waterfall. The narrowness and height of the natural walls will overwhelm you. In the evening we dine in a traditional tavern.

 Day 7: Departure

After we have breakfast we depart for Athens where we can enjoy a free afternoon for a cup of coffee or a walk. Departure for Larnaca in the evening. If we have an afternoon flight, we go straight to the airport.

Next scheduled trip:

Available on request

Necessary documents:

Passport, VISA (for residents out of EU), medical certification

Required equipment:

Each participant must bring their own personal equipment and clothing for the ascent. Canyoning equipment will be provided on site and is included in the price. A detailed hiking equipment list will be provided upon participation registration, as well as a discount coupon for the purchase of any equipment for the ascent. A meeting will be held where required equipment will be explained in detail.


Depending on number of participants

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